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Traveler Profile: Marijuana Enthusiasts

Two people smoking marijuana joints.

Over 9.7% of Americans who travel report being “passionate” about marijuana.

The Marijuana Enthusiast has an extremely high degree of interest in canabis. This report profiles the opinions and trip behaviors of this unique and exciting group of travelers. For travel businesses and destinations that market to this group, understanding how they think and act in this quickly changing environment is more critical than ever. 

We’ve recently surveyed a random sample of over 45,121 adult Americans to identify travelers with an extremely high interest in various important travel activities. Future Partners’ Travel Passion Profile is your go-to resource for critical insights about the American marijuana traveler.

Insights included in this Travel Profile:

  • Destinations they most want to visit
  • Where they live (states and MSAs)
  • Key travel motivations and interests
  • Travel brands they use
  • Media consumption & receptivity
  • Detailed demographic profiles

Woman smoking a joint in the window.

About the Report

By purchasing this study, you also receive access to a robust online dashboard tool that will give you the power to look far beyond the top line. This dashboard will allow you to dig deeper, dynamically filtering your results in many ways (e.g., demographics, travel behaviors, etc.)