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Travel Passion Profiles

This passionate hiker learned about this exceptional waterfall hike through marketing developed with Traveler Passion Profiles.

Unravel the Intricate Tapestry of Travel

Understanding the passions that drive travel aspirations and decision-making provides important marketing advantages to your travel or destination brand’s success. Future Partners' Travel Passion Profile studies are your go-to resource for critical insights about the vast and changing interests of today’s travelers.

Over 37 passion profiles have been meticulously crafted to help unravel the intricate tapestry of travel. This report acts as a guide to help navigate the diverse landscape of traveler aspirations and digital advertising fracturing. Become the storyteller by exploring the passions that not only fuels dreams but also steers travel decisions.

Refine Media and Marketing Strategies

Our report is a treasure trove of insights, each page a revelation of what makes your audience tick. From the dream destinations that dance in their imaginations to the very ground they tread, every facet is meticulously explored.

  • Dream Destinations

Delve into the places that ignite wanderlust in their hearts. Your brand can be the bridge between these dreams and reality.

  • Geographic Insight

Discover where they call home – states and metro areas. This is more than data; it's the foundation for targeted, location-specific strategies.

  • Motivations and Interests

Peel back the layers to reveal the core motivations that drive their travel decisions. What makes them pack their bags and hit the road? The answers are within these pages.

  • Brand Affinities

Learn which brands they swear by. Your brand could be the next name on their list with the right approach.

  • Media Consumption & Receptivity

Understand how they consume information and what resonates with them. This is the key to capturing attention in a crowded digital space.

  • Demographic Profiles

Beyond statistics, these are the stories of individuals. Know your audience intimately, and you'll forge connections that endure.

Armed with these insights, you’re not just selling a place, you’re selling the experience. The Traveler Passion Profile is a catalyst for transformative marketing and lays the groundwork to resonate with your audience in ways that transcends transaction.


Each report purchase includes access to a powerful Passion Profiles online tool. This dashboard allows for a deep dive into the insights by dynamically filtering the results by demographics, geography, travel behaviors and many other segments. Check out some of our featured profiles below.