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Best Practices in TikTok Content

Over 12% of American travelers are receptive to TikTok for travel messaging.

Future Partners is closely monitoring the travel preferences, habits, and behaviors of American travelers. This report presents the findings of Future Partners first-of-its-kind research that covers the use of TikTok (vertical, short-form video) for travel planning. The primary objectives of the study include:

  • Assess how American TikTok users engage with the platform for travel planning and inspiration.
  • Understand American Tik Tok users’ perceptions of branded and sponsored content on the platform and compare those perceptions to their attitude toward user-generated and influencer content.
  • Gain insight into travel brand performance.
  • Examine the type of content that resonates with users.
  • Evaluation of real content for participating partners.

The State of the American Traveler study shows that TikTokers are excited and ready to travel, and take to TikTok for inspiration. In fact, nearly a quarter of American travelers under age 50 say TikTok is a platform they are MOST receptive to learning about places to travel! Is your travel brand on TikTok or using short-form, vertical video?


Combined surveys of over 400 American TikTok users and in-depth interviews, create pivotal insights to understand how travelers use this medium for travel planning and inspiration. This report was conducted by Future Partners in partnership with Miles Partnership.