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Visitor Profile Research

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Get a comprehensive analysis conducted to gain a deep understanding of visitor demographics, preferences, behaviors, motivations, and travel sentiment. Activate travel motivation, refine marketing strategy, and position travel brands as attractive destinations through this in-depth analysis.

A comprehensive analysis of existing visitors to a travel brand or destination that provides actionable next steps. Our clients use this information to better understand their existing visitors and gain more strategic marketing insights. As a result of our work, travel brands have been able to accurately estimate visitor volume and spending while also refining marketing strategies.

Understanding the existing client base or visitors of a travel brand is the first step to identifying strategies to position the travel brand as a “must-visit” location. This study can help travel brands by refining strategies to market effectively to attract the most valuable traveler to their location by:

  • Tracking visitor sentiment about the visitor experience
  • Intelligence on key geographic and psychographic markets with demographics,
  • Tracking visitor sentiment about the brand
  • Understand the primary motivators for visiting
  • Understand media consumption and spending habits


Visitor Profile studies are custom to the travel brand and destination to outline key insights to move the needle in attracting visitors to your unique destination. This study can be deployed internationally as well as domestically via:

  • Online survey of visitors
  • Self-administered surveys
  • Visitor intercepts
  • Focus group or other qualified qualitative panels